Why are video games popular in today’s world?

Right now, there are a few games that are extremely popular. It’s an industry with billions of dollars every year and most of the gamers wants a piece. There are a lot of people who would like to make money simply by playing games and today that is an option, but not everyone can achieve it. There are thousands of streamers on Twitch.tv  that play games for their viewers every day, but there is not many who actually succeed in this business. Competition is rough and there are way to many games to chose from and get really good at it.

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You don’t need much to get started, but you will need to come up with a way to attract the viewers. Most streamers there are really good at the game and some of them are just funny and there is a few that really interact with their viewers. There also people that have all 3 skills and they are doing really well on Twitch as they rake more than 20 000 viewers at any given point. Viewership can get up to 300 000 which is a lot! And if you are having that much people, you will have a lot of money coming in your way.

Many people find this appealing and they want to try and then they are sad as no one is watching the stream. The problem is that most the players are simply late on the platform. Twitch really took off and they have so many streamers and there isn’t enough people to watch that. That’s a problem, but only for small streamers. You can have 100 viewers and still make good money as a lot of people do. Most of them open up YouTube channels and Pateron pages and then they rake even more money.

It’s hard, but you can give it a shot. Many people create drama around them to create viewers and many people do crazy stuff on stream for money and people are actually paying them to watch them do it. It’s a crazy world out there really, there is no better way of saying that. Come up with something interesting or be crazy good at the game and just start up your stream and you will have a good chance of actually making it in the crazy world of Twitch. There are lots of streamers that used cheats for games (while we’re at cheats, please check out the coin master cheats, it’s amazing) and they got caught live on the stream. Now they are popular because everyone wanted to see the cheaters live. Give it a shot, you just might make it.

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