Our late Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 Review

Before you run to your local gamestop or order the game online, everyone should realize that Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 is simply not for everyone. GRAW 2, like its predecessor in the Advanced Warfighter line is intensely gritty and requires a certain level of knowledge of at least intuition of battlefield mechanics. While some players will simply be able to naturally adapt to the need to be as thorough as possible on the battlefield, others simply won’t be able to adjust to being as tactically sound as possible. Those who are looking for a quick run and gun experience probably won’t appreciate GRAW 2 for everything that its worth. This isn’t to say that they won’t enjoy it, but fans of tactical shooters and the Ghost Recon series to begin with will get more out of the game than anyone else who decides to pick it up.

Advanced Warfighter 2 has firmly planted itself for consideration of shooter of the year and perhaps game of the year when everything is all said and done. Regardless of what is released in the genre, it’ll take a monstrous effort to knock this game down a notch and it’s because it succeeds on every level it steps into. The game play is mostly the same from the previous installment, but subtle and sometimes noticeably enhancements make the game more enjoyable overall. The most notable enhancement for fans of the single player campaign is that your squad no longer suffers from pathetic AI. You’ll be able to control them much easier thanks to an upgraded system. Telling them who to engage and where to go is a cinch and with the addition of the mule, which serves as a mobile supply cache for ammunition and medical necessities, your team just got a whole lot more flexible.

The flexibility in GRAW 2 can be seen whether you choose to move around undetected or take the fight to the enemy and blow the crap out of them. It’s really up to you and the game is set up so you can succeed with either course of action. Some of the unforgiving moments have also been removed, so the game is more playable than the first time around. Engaging in a massive battle with explosions galore and everything else you could want without having to worry about scurrying across the map for some detours to find enemies is a welcomed notion. Your squad’s improved AI and ability to pinpoint locations for you to put some heavy fire makes the massive firefights not seem so impossibly daunting.

Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 also proves to be a god send in the almighty online department, as was to be expected. The grit and grime that is seen in the single player mode is aptly conveyed online and the maps are large. Clans are around this time and you’ll be able to really customize your team beyond just a tag as is the case in most games. Co-op mode is still challenging, but it’s well worth it as you’ll be playing well into the wee-hours of the morning.

GRAW 2 is simply a must-have for fans of the original and even those who are new to it. If you find yourself struggling to adapt to the game play, the training missions are well done and if they can’t help you get into it, then odds are GRAW 2 isn’t for you. But that section of people is actually rather small and you’ll likely be playing your heart out by time you realize you’ve learned the ins and outs. In all of the review, there was a failure to mention just how brilliant the game looks. The cities are amazing down to every little detail you could possibly want. Combine that with amazing sound and some of the best voice acting in an action game and you’ve got a resounding success. Overall 9.6/10

This game is pretty old and you should try something else. Avakin life is something that is really fun to play, not a shooter like this, but still fun.

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